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At the heart of our firm is a close-knit team of passionate attorneys who truly care. Each time we step into court, we carry with us not just years of experience, but a genuine commitment to achieving the best for our clients, whether in civil or criminal cases. Our dedication to results is evident, and our location right across the street from the courthouse isn’t just convenience – it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to you.

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From life-changing injuries to insurance disputes, we help our clients succeed.

Car Crash

Client was struck head-on by drunk driver who was already on probation for a previous DUI. Settled after filing lawsuit $1,100,000.00

Civil Liability

Client was sexually assaulted by a temporary maintenance worker at her apartment complex. Settled at mediation $2,000,000.00

Unrivaled Legal Expertise

Robert Rush, Florida's Sole Dual Board-Certified Attorney for 25+ Years

Robert Rush is one of only two attorneys in the entire state of Florida to be dual board-certified in both civil and trial law, and he is the only attorney in the state who has maintained this expert status for over two and a half decades.

The Right Team to Fight for You

Helping Clients And Their Families Since 1988

We go to trial. Insurance companies know the difference between lawyers who buy a bunch of ads and lawyers who go to court. Trial lawyers get better results. If you or someone you love has been seriously or permanently injured, we encourage you to contact our personal injury lawyers today to discuss your rights and options.

Practice Areas

The car accident attorneys at Rush & Frisco Law have decades of experience handling car accident claims. Although most cases involve negotiating with an insurance company, we know that the objective of insurers is to protect their profits. Armed with teams of personal injury attorneys and claims adjusters, these companies attempt to settle claims for as little money as possible. We leverage our knowledge of state insurance laws and negotiating skills to make sure our clients obtain the compensation they deserve.

During their time of healing, clients need a strong protector who will take care of the phone calls, defend their rights, and take care of the paperwork. When the dust settles, we have the best position and go to battle from that strategic advantage. Many times an injury can last a lifetime, which requires a competent lawyer to secure compensation that will provide for you for the rest of your life. Personal injury law covers all sorts of civil suits regarding people who have been hurt because of someone else’s negligence.

The Gainesville criminal defense lawyers of Rush & Frisco Law have been helping the accused in our home town for many decades. If you believe that you have a criminal case, it is important to contact our Gainesville criminal defense lawyers as soon as possible to protect your rights. Meet the criminal defense attorneys at Rush & Frisco in Gainesville, FL today to get your defense team on board fast.

Civil rights lawyers are the last bastions of freedom in our society. Robert Rush actively practices Civil Rights Law. Civil rights cases require an intimate understanding of the operation of the government and the rules of State & Federal civil law. Because Robert Rush is one of only four lawyers in Florida who is dual certified by the Florida Bar as an Expert in Civil Trial Law and Criminal Trial Law, he is uniquely qualified to provide premium representation in civil rights cases.

Civil lawsuits, based on individual or business disputes, are very common. If you are entangled in such a dispute, you are well aware that it can be time-consuming and irritating, and may interfere with your business, your personal life, and even your health. The best thing to do to resolve the issue with as little turmoil as possible is to consult with an experience law firm that specializes in civil litigation.

Gainesville criminal defense lawyers at Rush & Frisco Law have extensive experience representing clients who are at risk of asset forfeiture or who have had their property and possessions taken. Call today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards securing your property rights.

If you have been charged or convicted of a crime in Gainesville, you may be eligible to get the records of your arrests and conviction sealed. Sealed records are generally not available to the public. Once sealed, these records are no longer accessible by potential employers, landlords or anyone who may be looking at your record.

One of the most traumatic events human beings may experience is the accidental death of a family member or loved one. The death of a loved one can have not only an emotional impact, but also a financial one. Coping with the loss of someone you love is one of life’s biggest challenges. Our Gainesville, Florida wrongful death lawyers are here to help you prepare wrongful death claims. Our attorneys believe that families should be able to mourn the loss of a loved one without stressing or worrying about the financial impact death will have on their lives and other family members.


You Need A Plan

The insurance company or corporation has a plan. You need one too. We know the actions to take and the choices to make.
Step 1: The Demand Letter
This is the formal letter that you’ll send as the plaintiff to the paying insurance company. It will outline the legal claims of your case and provide a factual summary of what happened. It will also include a demand for compensation from the insurance company. The demanded amount will be based on the value that was previously calculated. The insurance company may offer a lower amount, dispute the claim, or accept the demand and settle your claim. If the insurance company will not offer a fair settlement or disputes the claim, your lawyer may then file a formal complaint in court.
Step 2: Filing A Complaint
If the insurance company will not agree to settle your claim for a reasonable amount, your attorney may then file a civil complaint in court. The complaint is a legal document that outlines your legal claims and initiates the formal legal process. Once the complaint is drafted and filed, it will need to be served on the defendant and the insurance company. The defendant will then have time to file his or her answer to your complaint. The case will then proceed to the discovery process.
Step 3: Discovery
Discovery in a personal injury lawsuit is the phase during which both parties must exchange evidence with each other. You and the defendant will be required to share the evidence so that there will not be any surprises if the case goes to trial. Discovery may include processes to elicit information, including interrogatories and depositions. As more information is developed during the discovery process, many cases settle without going to trial.
Step 4: Settlement
Your attorney and the defense lawyer will evaluate the evidence that they receive to assess the strength of your claim. Your lawyer will continue to negotiate with the insurance company and will inform you about any settlement offer that is extended. If you receive a fair settlement offer and agree to accept it, it will be presented to the court for approval. Once a settlement agreement is reached, your claim will be over. The insurance company will pay the agreed amount to your attorney, and he or she will give you a check after subtracting the expenses and legal costs.
Step 5: Trial
If you are unable to settle with the insurance company, your case will go to trial. Your trial will be held before a judge or jury. The judge or jury will hear the evidence that is presented by both sides and will evaluate it under the law before reaching its decision. Your attorney will help you to prepare for trial. If the jury reaches a verdict in your favor, the insurance company may pay the ordered amount. However, it may also file an appeal, making the process even longer.
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NFL player’s assets seized due to alleged drug ties. Despite cashing his NFL paycheck days prior, the judge sided with police. After a 10-month fight, Rush team secured the return of his truck, gun, and $190,028.81. Victory for Rush; the player resumes as Green Bay’s defensive tackle.

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Federal Court sides with Rush in police beating

In 2014, Derrick Price, complying with deputies, faced excessive force. Lawyer Robert Rush filed a lawsuit for violating the 4th amendment rights against unreasonable seizures. After a 2-year investigation, a federal judge found previous sheriff Chris Blair’s policies unconstitutional.

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