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Federal Court sides with Rush in police beating

August 8, 2019 “It all stems from an incident in 2014 where Derrick Price ran from sheriff’s deputies but then surrendered face down in a business parking lot. Still, multiple deputies used excessive force as seen here, against Price who was complying.

Price’s lawyer Robert Rush said, “the victim of their abuse came to me and I filed a lawsuit based on the constitutional rights that were violated. Basically, the 4th amendment of the constitution that protects citizens from an unreasonable seizure of their person and that’s what this was.”

A federal judge found procedures and policies from the previous sheriff Chris Blair to be unconstitutional, which has now resulted in this lawsuit seeking damages explained Rush. “We interviewed people and then took formal depositions where people came in and swore under oath as to the facts of the case. It’s been about two years as we’ve put this together. At the end of that, we looked at all the facts and said there is no question, they are liable, the Sheriff’s Office violated the clients civil rights and the federal judge agreed with that.”