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Rush & Frisco Law in Gainesville, FL helps people with a wide array of legal questions. If your issue isn’t specifically mentioned on our website, it may still be something we can help you with. We’re happy to talk with you, and even if your case isn’t something we handle, we will be happy to refer you to another resource.

Our lawyers meet and represent you – we’re not just a face on a billboard.

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At Rush & Frisco Law, our car accident attorneys have significant experience handling all manner of motor vehicle collision cases.


Insurance companies know the difference between lawyers who buy a bunch of ads and lawyers who go to court. Trial lawyers get better results.


If you believe that you have a criminal case, it is important to contact our Gainesville criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights.


Civil rights cases require an intimate understanding of the operation of the government and the rules of State & Federal civil law.


Civil lawsuits, based on individual or business disputes, are very common. If you are entangled in such a dispute, you are well aware that it can be time-consuming and irritating, and may interfere with your business, your personal life, and even your health.


Gainesville criminal defense lawyers at Rush & Frisco Law have extensive experience representing clients who are at risk of asset forfeiture or who have had their property and possessions taken.


If you have been charged or convicted of a crime in Gainesville, you may be eligible to get the records of your arrests and conviction sealed. Sealed records are generally not available to the public.


One of the most traumatic events human beings may experience is the accidental death of a family member or a loved one.