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Robert Rush seeks Justice for you and will deliver. There is no other attorney I’d rather use. I highly recommend Robert Rush If you have a serious legal matter to deal with. Do yourself a favor and ignore those other big shot attorneys that treat the law like playing the lotto. Instead, CALL ROBERT RUSH and put the focus on YOU and your case. End your worries and let Robert Rush handle it all. In fact, if you’ve already hired another attorney, fire them and hire Robert Rush instead.

My family had a criminal matter and we came across Steve Frisco from this firm. Mr. Frisco is a gentleman and a human being. Above all he has integrity. He rendered a service for my family greater than the fee that was charged. He never promised what he could not deliver, and he patiently explained every step, twice if needed. He is very well versed in his field, and remained accessible throughout. i would recommend him highly, and without reservation.

Robert Rush is a wonderful person in addition to being a conscientious, meticulous, and skilled Attorney. He helped me navigate the confusing world of the criminal justice system and achieved excellent results. However, more importantly, he's honest, respectful, and courteous when dealing with you while always addressing your needs. He was a calm and steady presence, during a time when I felt abandoned by all others. It is with great pleasure and for those aforementioned reasons that I endorse him, would hire him again, and proudly recommend him to any person seeking legal representation in our criminal justice system.

Mr. Frisco took his time to explain my case to me in great detail and that included explaining all of the options I could choose from as well as what he recommended. Mr. Frisco was never pushy and he was always willing to go to great lengths for me as my counsel. Many times I felt sometimes that mine was the only case he was even working on but I knew that wasn’t true because he has many clients who trust him. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome that Mr. Frisco was able to provide.

Mr. Rush and his staff display a magnitude of professionalism with each of my encounters. He provides great representation and he is well informed with laws. I was consistently at ease during a stressful situation because Mr. Rush was always so positive and informative. I was always treated with a significant amount of respect and I never felt like I was being judged. I highly recommend Mr. Rush and his team.

Steve Frisco at the Rush & Frisco law firm went above and beyond for my daughter and our family before, during, and after court. The outcome he got for our daughter was far more than we even expected. She has another chance to reclaim her life and without Steve Frisco she would not have that chance. Steve Frisco has become a part of our family forever.

I want thank Marian and Rush & Frisco for all that they did for me and for dealing with my car accident. Marian and her team were always very professional with the way they stayed in contact with me to let me know what was going on step by step, even when it came to the mediation. Marian Rush was more prepared than any of the other lawyers that were there at my Mediation hands down I would recommend you to anyone.

I do not know where to begin with the Rush & Frisco Firm because they honestly SAVED MY LIFE. I’m a UF student, and I was arrested over a serious offense, so I immediately started looking for a lawyer. I was stressed out and nervous and I knew I needed a great lawyer to help me through this difficult situation. Luckily someone I work with recommended that I call Mr. Steve Frisco. I called Rush & Frisco and they immediately setup a phone consultation so I could talk to Steve and get answers to my questions. After I talked to Steve about the details of my case I had a feeling that he was the right lawyer for me. During that very first phone call he gave me a ton of information, he was extremely professional, and was super honest about everything I was facing. I like how he did not “sugar coat” anything and how he looked out for my best interests throughout the entire process no matter what. Throughout the call, he explained to me in detail what the process is and what are some possible outcomes for my case. After that call, I hired Steve Frisco and he quickly got to work my case. Steve Frisco has a lot of legal experience and he was very easy to talk to about the case. Throughout the entire length of the case, he was very easy to contact because within even minutes he would respond to my texts, emails, and calls. He was available during the weekdays, at night, and even on the weekends to answer the questions I had about the case. He went above and beyond during the time he was my lawyer and that helped lead to the best result possible for my case. Especially when it came to looking to my future Steve always paid attention to tiny details I didn’t even notice but then I realized that those details made all the difference because they could have impacted not only my career but also my entire life. I would highly recommend Steve Frisco and this law firm if you need to hire a fantastic attorney that will help you fight your case. I am extremely grateful for the help that Mr. Frisco has given me and my family throughout this entire process.

I needed a criminal defense attorney for my grown son who had been arrested and put in jail on several drug charges. My son asked me to hire Mr. Frisco. I called the law offices of Rush & Frisco whom Steve Frisco works with. Steve saw me immediately and from the moment he spoke with me and my daughter about my son’s case, I felt assured that when I hired him, l had done the right thing. He took the time to explain my son’s case and the different options that would be available to him as well as what he thought he could do to establish the best outcome for his future. He accomplished that and more! He put me completely at ease about any questions I had and let me know he was always available by text or phone even on weekends. I would highly recommend Steve Frisco to anyone needing an excellent attorney and maybe even a new friend.

My son was facing some serious charges and needed the help of a skilled criminal defense attorney. I immediately called the law offices of Rush & Frisco and had a phone consultation setup with Mr. Steve. After talking with Mr. Steve I knew we wanted to hire him and he was the one for my son‘s case no doubt. Throughout the process (from the beginning to the end) Mr. Steve made sure we understood what was going on with my son’s case and he took the time to explain every detail. He also explained the good and the bad that my son was facing but at the end it was all good! We had many questions and were very concerned about the case but Mr. Steve was always available by phone or text days, nights, and weekends to answer any questions that we had. I highly recommend Mr. Steve G. Frisco to anyone in need of a excellent attorney one that’s honest and works hard for you and will get the job done!

I was out of town on vacation when I received a phone call that my son had been arrested and found himself in A LOT of trouble and facing very serious charges. I immediately reached out to one of my best friends who referred me to Steve Frisco. Steve was out of town (in Chicago) as well but answered me IMMEDIATELY and reassured me all weekend while he was gone that everything would be ok. He was still out of town and I met with Robert Rush as soon as I returned. Robert was comforting and confident they would be able to help us. Steve was always upfront and honest as to what we could expect and there were many conversations and texts to keep me informed and ‘sane.’ No one ever imagines that they will face this type of nightmare but I can whole-heartedly say if you are faced with any type of legal trouble...Steve is YOUR GUY! I will FOREVER be grateful for Steve and Robert - they stand true to their word and promises and I pray I never need their service again but they will forever get a recommendation from me! As far as fees - does it really matter when it's your loved ones future on the line...for me NO. But, their fees are very reasonable and they will work with you to help you any way they can. There is no question - THIS FIRM IS THE BEST! I will forever be grateful for Steve and all of his hard work and everything he accomplished for my son. For Robert who was always willing to answer questions if Steve wasn't free at the moment, Ryan for dealing with my crazy questions and always taking my calls and answering my emails and for the entire office staff who always smiles and is always offering to help any way they can! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I will never forget everything you did for our family!

I could not be more pleased with the outcome pertaining to my situation thanks to Mr. Frisco. Steve Frisco gave me a realistic expectation of the potential outcomes specific to my case and a few scenarios of how things could turn out. He ended up getting the best possible outcome that he mentioned! Mr. Frisco was always available whenever I would contact him with a question. Mr. Frisco would even communicate with me on weekends which showed just how committed he was to achieving a speedy resolution and the best outcome before the charges I was facing were ever filed with the State. I could not Have asked for better representation and would refer anyone going through legal issues to him without hesitation. I appreciate everything that Mr. Frisco did for me and he is a true professional because he works diligently for his clients. I can’t thank Mr. Frisco enough for lifting this weight off of my shoulders so I can move forward with my life!

We met with Mr. Steven Frisco for a criminal felony case. On the first day we sat down with him he explained everything in detail to us. He took all our information and formulated a plan during the very first meeting. Steve was always available day or night to call or email. Sometimes we wondered if he ever slept! He clearly has a great working relationships with other attorneys and state officers. He is very knowledgeable of the law. Steve ended up getting our case dropped to a misdemeanor. We cannot thank him enough for his hard work and professionalism. He treated our case like it was the only one he was working on. We will be forever grateful for his dedication. We miss him already.