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Have you been accused of a criminal offense in Gainesville? Criminal defense represents the essentials of a free society. It forces the government to follow the rules to ensure that innocent people are not wrongfully punished.

Why Do Our Clients Select The Rush & Frisco Law Firm For Their Criminal Defense In Gainesville?

The Gainesville criminal defense lawyers of Rush & Frisco Law have been helping the accused in our home town for many decades. If you believe that you have a criminal case, it is important to contact our Gainesville criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights. Meet the criminal defense attorneys at Rush & Frisco Law in Gainesville, FL today to get your defense team on board fast.

Rush and Frisco Criminal Defense Attorneys Gainesville Florida

What Makes The Rush & Frisco Law Firm Unique?

A criminal conviction has lasting consequences beyond sentencing. Rush & Frisco Law practice was built on criminal defense and continues to provide the excellent safeguarding of rights that has allowed us to succeed.

Rush & Frisco Law is a well-known criminal defense firm in the circuit. Robert Rush actively practice criminal law daily. Steve Frisco works on criminal cases that rely on his law enforcement experience for insight into police procedures.

Everyone Deserves A Top-Rated Criminal Defense Attorney In Gainesville, FL

Robert Rush is Board Certified as an Expert in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar. Rush & Frisco Law has actual jury trial experience in:

Florida Criminal Penalty Chart

Offense Designation Maximum Incarceration Maximum Fine
2nd Degree Misdemeanor 60 days in jail $500
1st Degree Misdemeanor 1 year in jail $1,000
3rd Degree Felony 5 years in prison $5,000
2nd Degree Felony 15 years in prison $10,000
1st Degree Felony 30 years in prison $10,000
Life Felony Life in prison $15,000
Capital Felony Punishable by death Not Applicable
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